Tiny hedgehog goes camping with his tiny equipment, and the photos are adorable!

This adorable hedgehog is all about enjoying the fresh air and the calm of the woods, but he’s eschewed piles of leaves or sticks in favour of more modern sleeping arrangements.

His name is Azuki, and he’s a sweet pygmy hedgehog that has taken the internet by storm with his adorable photoshoots.

Azuki is quite fond of the better things in life and his Instagram is filled with shots of him dressed up in fashionable hats, lounging on luxurious seats and posing with different imaginative props and backdrops.

But the cutest pictures may just be from his camping-themed photoshoot.

Azuki is getting back to his roots, so to say, and exploring the habitat of his wild cousins.

He’s just the cutest little camper ever.

Azuki made sure he had everything he needed for his adventure in the wild.


There’s nothing better than looking out your bedroom door and being faced with the beauty of nature.


And food just tastes better accompanied by birdsong and rustling branches.


It’s good to have some firewood ready in case it gets cold.


And a BBQ makes cooking so much easier.


Azuki also enjoyed some invigorating fresh-air activities.


But mostly he just enjoyed the calm of the woods.


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