Curly Haired Cats Are Going Viral On Instagram, And Cat Lovers Can’t Get Enough Of Them

Sheep cats, or the Selkirk Rex cat breed, have recently been getting attention on Instagram because their curly fur makes these cats look elegant. Plus, for some sheep cats, their whiskers are curly, too!

This enchanting breed of cats was first discovered in 1987 in Montana when a rescue cat gave birth to six kittens. The rescue cat had kittens with a black Persian cat, and three kittens in the litter had straight fur while the other three had curly fur.

Cat breeder Jeri Newman found this rescue cat and adopted her. Newman decided to name the new kitten’s breed “Selkirk” after his stepfather. In 1992, the new breed was officially registered with the Cat Fanciers Association.

If you’re interested in adopting a Selkirk Rex, first, you should do more research on the breed. Seemingly, their curly fur requires more grooming than a usual cat’s fur. Also, you should know that this particular breed likes lots of attention.

Check out our 14 gallery photos of sheep cats below. They’re super cute even when they’re having a bad fur day: