Artist Photoshops Cat Faces On Everything, And These Are Her Funniest Creations

Cats. Who doesn’t love cats? Just think of their tiny noses, their adorable toe beans and their soft purr. They’re cute, cuddly and constantly entertaining us with their crazy antics. Don’t you just wish that there were even more cats in the world? No, wait. Don’t you wish that


in the world was cats?

Well, Galina Bugaevskaya, creator of the Instagram account koty_vezde (“cats are everywhere”), has got you covered. Bugaevskaya photoshops feline faces onto just about anything, and the results are hilarious. In the world of koty_vezde, everything from a loaf of bread to a prima ballerina comes in the shape of a cat. What a dream!

People are loving her cute, inventive and often hilarious hybrids, and we can see why! Who wouldn’t want a little bumble-cat or kittybear?

Below, we have collected our favourite kooky kitties. Have a look, and enjoy the whacky world of koty_vezde.

Check out our gallery with 15 catster pieces below: