24 Most dangerous roads in the world you wouldn’t want to drive on…

Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

This Alpine Road features some of the most beautiful scenery in the world but it also deserves a place on this list. When you’re driving here, you mustn’t get too impressed with the beautiful view because the Gothard Pass requires every second of your attention. The Pass is riddled with twists and turns and if you’re not careful you can easily drive off the road.

Transfagarasan Road, Romania 

In the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, there’s an epic road that stretches up and down across the mountains. Transfagarasan reaches an altitude of up to 6,000 feet and once you reach here you need to be extremely careful. Not only is the air much more rare on this altitude but the road also drops so suddenly from the hill, it will make you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. It gets really tricky since you also can’t hit the break because you never know if someone might be coming behind you.