24 Most dangerous roads in the world you wouldn’t want to drive on…

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

This road is so remote the villagers had to make it on their own. They had to cut throughout the side of the mountain, creating really tight and unstable tunnels along the way. Cars that pass here must go through these improvised tunnels really slowly and avoid the steep drops and twists on the way. However, these improvised tunnels are the safest place on the road and the only one that has some kind of barrier that keeps cars from falling down from the mountain. The Chinese name of this road literally translates to ‘The Road that Tolerates no Mistake’.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

The Tianmen Mountain Road is marked by 99 sharp bends and it looks more like a specially designed racing track than a road. However, speeding is the last thing you want to do here. In only 6 miles, this road climbs over 3,000 feet up in the air.