24 Most dangerous roads in the world you wouldn’t want to drive on…

Khardung La, India 

When we talk about the most dangerous roads in the world, we simply can’t forget about Khardung La. This is the tallest motorway pass road in the world going up to 18,700 feet. Another problem that appears on this height is the lack of oxygen and the headaches you start experiencing along the way. That’s why no one dares to drive on this road, except for the most experienced locals.

Karnali Highway, Nepal

If you like to drive off the road, you should definitely check out the Karnali Highway (at your own risk, of course). This 150-mile long Himalayan road in west Nepal can easily compare with the Yungas Road in Bolivia. The Karnali Highway is basically a dirt road without any barriers and close-to-zero visibility. On top of that, the road also has a lot of steep climbs and is filled with potholes. It really doesn’t take a lot to make a mistake here and that’s why even cyclists avoid riding this road.