24 Most dangerous roads in the world you wouldn’t want to drive on…

When we talk about roads, we normally associate them with long, repetitive highways. However, not all roads are like that. Some roads require a lot of skill just to pass through them and stay alive. This list is about them: the most dangerous roads in the world. Expect to see a lot of single cliff-top roads, roads without any barriers and the steepest turns you couldn’t even imagine. From the snowy mountains and icy roads of Alaska to the canyons of New Zealand, here are the most dangerous roads in the world! Check out our gallery:

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

The Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand is so dangerous that you need a special permit just to drive on it. That’s why there aren’t too many cars on this road but it gets really interesting if you actually come across a car coming from the opposite direction. In these situations, one of the drivers will have to go reverse for up to 3 miles to find a place with enough space for both vehicles.

James Dalton Highway, USA

Stretching from Fairbanks to the North of Alaska, James Dalton is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The weather conditions on this road are horrible and the strong winds that scatter small rocks all over the place don’t make driving here any easier. Around 300 accidents happen on this road every year, which might not seem like a lot but you should also remember that not too many people attempt driving on it.