Beluga Whale Hilariously Photobombs Aquarium Wedding, And The Internet Responds In The Best Way Ever

Nowadays, you can pretty much get married at any location possible as long as you have the bride, groom and of course, the wedding celebrant or officiant with you. You can do it in a barn, on a cliff, on the beach and at the amusement park. You can also get married at Ocean parks or aquariums. It’s a great option if you and your significant other would like to be surrounded with water while saying your I do’s.

A wedding held at the Mystic Aquarium in Stonington, Connecticut was quite interesting not just because of its location but because a Beluga Whale decided to invite itself to watch the ceremony and witness the couple exchange their vows. It was quite a hilarious sight for everyone. Although it’s not the first time that a Beluga whale photobombed a wedding photo or passed by while a wedding took place at the aquarium, this one’s probably that most amusing out there.

As usual, the internet had a field day and was quick to respond with these hilarious photoshops.


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-04 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-03 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-05 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-01 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-01-1 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-06 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-07 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-08 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-09 Reddit


beluga-whale-hilariously-photobombs-aquarium-wedding-and-the-internet-responds-in-the-best-way-ever-10 Reddit
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