Rescue Dog Loves Clothes So Much That His Grandpa Built An Adorable Closet Just For Him

Nowadays dogs can be cute, little fashion icons. One Twitter user named Lily shared an adorable story about her dog. The stylish dog’s name is Pluto. During their first days together, she noticed how Pluto would always shake or shiver. She had him checked but the vet concluded that it was just anxiety due to the fact that he was still adjusting to his new home, environment, and family members.

However, Lily had a hunch that it was something else. She bought a jacket for Pluto and tried it on him. Surprisingly, the shivers stopped. It makes sense that he was always cold as he’s a really small dog, so Lily bought more jackets and sweaters for Pluto. Since his wardrobe is getting bigger, Lily’s father had an amazing idea to build a tiny wardrobe for Pluto. As her father is quite skilled, he was able to finish the dog’s closet in just two days. Both Lily and Pluto were ecstatic over the cute wardrobe. (h/t: thedodo)

A Twitter user named Lily shared an amusing story about her dog, named Pluto.


He used to have shivers for no apparent reason.


The vet explained that it was just anxiety, but Lily had a hunch that Pluto was cold all the time. She bought a jacket for him and when he started wearing it, the shivering stopped.


Soon, Lily bought more jackets and sweaters and Pluto’s wardrobe got bigger.


Lily’s dad had an idea to build a tiny closet for Pluto and he was able to finish it in just two days.


It looks like Pluto loves his grandpa’s adorable gift.


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