Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Are A Thing Now, And They’re Too Cute

Now, our beloved doggos can swim with us in style. Since there are bathing suits for humans, Albabara figured that they should make swimwear for dogs. On Amazon, Albabara offers their mermaid dog life jackets, and they’re just too cute.

The jacket is made with shiny material that looks like scales. Also, it comes with a built-in tail that floats above the water, giving your dog the appearance of having a shimmering mermaid tail. However, this product is not just a fashion item for our pets or a prop to take photos with.

These mermaid-inspired life jackets aim to help dogs to learn how to swim. The thick foam padding helps the dog to float. Further, there is a handle located on the top of the jacket, allowing the owner the ability to remove their dog from the water if needed.

mermaid-life-jackets-for-dogs-are-a-thing-now-and-they-re-too-cute-01-2 Amazon

Also, this product comes with a leash attachment ring and a neck pad that helps your dog’s head float above water while swimming. Plus, there is an adjustable buckle feature to fit your dog comfortably.

mermaid-life-jackets-for-dogs-are-a-thing-now-and-they-re-too-cute-01-1 Amazon

According to the product description, this flotation device comes in several vibrant colors and has sizes ranging from small to extra large. All in all, this product’s priority is to keep your pet safe, and it does this with pizzazz.

These mermaid dog life jackets are available on Amazon for $26.99, take a look at the pictures below, they are absolutely adorable.


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