Woman Performs Surgery On Monarch Butterfly With Broken Wing, Next Day It Surprises Her In The Coolest Way

Monarch butterflies live from 2 weeks to 5 months depending on the time of the year they are born in. However, their lifetime is significantly shorter if they get hurt. Luckily, sometimes, even people might save their lives in such situations. One of them was Romy McCloskey. She started raising butterflies by accidents whey she found 3 caterpillars on a bush in her front yard. So after one of its pets got injured, she had to help. She quickly transformed her room into a surgery and used some of the household items to perform a wing transplant to her patient.

Romy said that she had always loved butterflies and that they have some personal meaning to her. In fact, she sees her mother’s soul in each of those butterflies.

She is, in fact, a professional costume designer and master hand embroiderer so she knew what to do. She used a towel, a wire hanger, contact cement, a toothpick, a cotton swab, tweezers, scissors, talc powder, and an extra butterfly wing from one of her pets that had died a couple of days before.

We have to note that butterflies don’t feel pain in their wings. According to McCloskey, that is why there was no need to drug her butterfly prior to the procedure. She compared those wings to human nails.

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This baby butterfly was born with torn upper and lower wings.

These are the supplies she used.

This is how she secured the butterfly, and cut the damaged parts away.

This is how it looks after the “surgery”.

“The black lines do not match completely and it is missing the black dot (male marking) on the lower right wing, but with luck, he will fly”

This is a day of its first flight! It had a day to rest and replenish its energy.

He successfully flew over the entire backyard and had a little rest on a bush. Surgery was successful!

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