These 17 Cruel Roommate Pranksters Will Make You Glad You Don’t Live With Them!

First of all, I’d like to make it known that I’m thinking of using some of these on my wife… SO NOBODY TELL HER!

Right, I’m glad we got that out of the way. Now, many of you will be aware of what it’s like to have a roommate. For some including myself it seems like a very long time ago (unless you’re counting being married), for others it will be fresh in the memory or even completely applicable to your life now.

When you’re young and full of ambition, there are few things more exciting than moving out of your parents house and into your own place. Of course, money’s usually pretty tight so naturally, you end up living with friends. You might be at College or even just starting out in a new career, the prospect of coming home every night to hang out with your best pals feels like living the dream!

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It can be great fun, unless you happen to be friends with someone who has a taste for pranks. Not just any old pranks either-  no no no… We’re talking about absolute savagery.

Take a look at these 17 roommate pranks and see if you’d still live with them if they’d tried these on you!



1. “Who put the alien in the fridge again!”

I hated these things when the movie came out so if I happened to open up my fridge to see this, I’d probably let out a little scream. A manly one though…



2. Why, just why?

If it’s a shared bathroom then that’s quite the sacrifice just to get a reaction from your roommate!



3. Now this is what I’m talking about

The guy that did this worked at the movies and had access to cutouts all the time. His roommate is terrified of sharks… you see where this is going. Lesson: never give your friends a spare key to your room/bathroom… Especially if they have access to things like this.



4. Taping an Airhorn to the wall behind the front door

Great fun if you know when your roommate is coming back from wherever they’ve been out to. Not so much fun if you forget it’s there and end up scaring the sh*t out of yourself instead…



5. Don’t let the bed bugs bite

This cruel person decided to put one thousand fake ladybugs in their roommates bed (I didn’t even know you could buy that many plastic bugs). Imagine coming home from work tired and grumpy, ready to collapse into bed only to find this…



6. Bedtime horror

What do you do when you know your roommate is terrified of the dark? Put a fake silhouette of some incredibly lanky, creepy looking figure at the end of the hallway of course. Just to make sure they never sleep again.



7. Bed, what bed?

Top marks for creativity, but I think this roommate had a little too much time on their hands. What they’ve done is installed a new drywall next to the entrance of the bedroom, cutting off most of the space including where the bed lies. So, when you open the door, the image on the left is what you see. Fortunately for the roommate, they managed to push through to the other side. Not sure they’ll be thankful for this one though…



8. Well, isn’t that just a little bit evil

So simple, yet so very cruel.



9. Why waste time on your studies when you could be doing this…

Not only does the roommate have to pick up each one of the cups used to make this beautiful floor pyramid thing… but they’ve got a full pile of washing to put away when they’re done. Now that’s a bad day.



10. From the funny to the downright weird

Hotdogs hanging from bits of string attached to the ceiling. Yep. Moving on…



11. ‘Walk of shame’

No one wants to buy the toilet roll when everybody uses it, so why not just use what’s left and leave a cruel note for the next person? Simple.



12. Scrubbing away but getting no cleaner

Whoever thought of this is actually a bit of an evil genius!



13. New keyboard

Want to really mess with someone? Swap around all of the letters on their keyboard and wait for them to be completely flummoxed when they try and type out an email that just looks like complete gibberish. The pranking forces are strong with this one.



14. When you can’t be bothered to think of anything clever

So, you just collect as much old newspaper as you can and shove it in your roommates bedroom. Job done, next…


15. Not a fan of spiders?

It’s a relatively simple prank, placing a fake insect inside of a lamp, but it has horrifying consequences for anyone scared of creepy crawlies. Saying that though, they could’ve picked a more convincing spider- that looks like a bar of soap with legs.



16. Scare the cr*p out of you

This might make you look twice the next time you go to the toilet.



17. “Separated by time and circumstance”

The entire time he could’ve been cleaning he was probably putting this together… What a fantastic waste of time, bravo sir!

Some of these people might be looking for new roommates after these pranks were unleashed upon them. Especially the guy that’s afraid of the dark, that would scare the sh*t out of me and i’m fine with turning the light off at night!

Have you ever played any cruel pranks on your roommates? Let me know in the comments!