News Anchor Stuns Viewers With An Off Air Photo

News Anchor

Female news anchors have to work just as hard or even harder than their male colleagues to gain recognition in the industry. Sometimes that means showing a slightly different persona than their own, for the sake of their audience. So when fans see them off the air, they can often be surprised. Ximena Cordoba- Between 2013 and 2015, the weather segments on the Univisión morning show Despierta América were hosted by Ximena Córdoba. It was a short stint, but the liveliness and energy she brought to the show left a mark. Since then, Córdoba has gone on to appear on sports news shows like Jorge Ramos En Vivo and Fox Deportes. If you love baseball, you’ll probably know the following sportscaster. imena Londoño Córdoba is a Colombian model and actress, born on November 4, 1979, in Medellin, Colombia

Heidi Watney- In high school and college, Heidi Watney had a robust athletic career, including gymnastics, cheerleading, hurdles and diving. Now she has transformed her love of sports into a career, working as a reporter and host for the MLB Network.

Robin Meade- After competing in the Miss America pageant, Robin Meade transitioned to TV. She hosted Ask Oprah’s All Stars for which she won an Emmy. Nowadays Meade hosts her very own morning show on HLN. You may not care about the weather, but you will when you see who’s presenting it.

Jenn Brown- Jenn Brown has worked as a sports newscaster for many years. She has hosted TV shows for networks like CBS, CMT, E! and HDNet. Brown is also a model, appearing on ad campaigns for Under Armour athletic apparel. You may want to learn French to understand this following journalist.