Hilarious Stories Of People Called Out For Lying On Social Media

Abraham Lincoln once said, “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” Luckily the kind people of the world-wide-web are on a 24/7 watch against this kind of crap and aren’t afraid to call it out when they see it. Some people are just lonely & make stuff up to be noticed.

You’re dumped babe!

Was google invented when this was posted?

LOL, never a good idea to lie on the internet!

That’s awkwardly typical. I hope she won’t regret it too much when she grows up.

Wow if that was not a lie I’d be sick right now!

Obviously OP is justifying their ignorance.

That person basically busted herself.

This guy sure doesn’t know how to lie.

Amazing! I love seeing Karma bitch slap people who deserve it.


The fight between Nestle and Unilever. That’s epic.

Miracle! John Carpenter comes back from the dead.

That backfired real quick.