Heartwarming scene of a goose keeping a puppy warm with its wings after it is abandoned on the street

Real love and friendship know no boundaries and for this compassionate goose, it knew exactly what it had to do when it saw a shivering puppy on the street. Recently, a series of touching images became viral on social media which show a goose hugging an abandoned puppy on a street.

The puppy was believed to be abandoned by its mother shortly after birth on the street and it was shivering terribly due to the cold weather when it was found by the goose. In the heartwarming scene, the goose did not hesitate to use its wings to protect the puppy from the cold and to keep it warm.


The images made rounds on the internet after a user posted them on a social media platform. According to the post, the user initially thought that the goose was going to attack the puppy after seeing it staying close to the puppy. However, the goose later used its beak to pet the puppy and kept it warm underneath its wings for quite a while as the puppy fast asleep in its embrace. duck-protects-puppy-2

This is not the first time for geese and dogs to be seen sharing an intimate moment. There are many instances where geese became best friends to their dog friends and spend time together. UPTADE: We are happy to report that shortly after these photos were uploaded to Facebook, the puppy and the goose were adopted together and now have formed a lasting friendship in a home environment. Now they are inseparable.

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