25 Halloween Make-Up Ideas That Will Scare The Hell Out Of People

Whether you are celebrating Halloween at a party, or you will stay at home watching a horror movie with your friends, you will need some costume and make-up ideas to rock Halloween like never before.
The25 pictures of this gallery raise the make-up game to the next level, and are just what it takes to scare the hell out of your friends in the night of trick-or-treat.
Some of these looks require some strong make-up skills, but don’t worry, in case you’re not too good at it there are some other looks that are way easier to emulate.

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1. Creepy crystal princess

via: chlojar.com

via: chlojar.com

2. We all have our mask

via: rodeo.net

via: rodeo.net

3. Broken face

via: instructables.com

via: instructables.com

4. Multiple eyed

via: blogof.francescomugnai.com.

via: blogof.francescomugnai.com.

5. Teeth/eye illusion

via: rodeo.net

via: rodeo.net

6. Half-dead girl

via: imgur.com

via: imgur.com

7. The female version of the Joker?

via: s174.photobucket.com


8. Cosplay adapted Cheshire cat

via: archaical.tumblr.com

via: archaical.tumblr.com

9. Half-zipped face

via: deea-makeup.blogspot.ro

via: deea-makeup.blogspot.ro

10. Multidimensional face

via: imgur.com

via: imgur.com

11. Snake skin face

via: lava360.com

via: lava360.com

12. Another Cheshire cat

via: herbsandoilsremedies.com

via: herbsandoilsremedies.com

13. “Welcome to the other side” mask

via: flickr.com

via: flickr.com

14. Morbidly scary skeleton

via: mademoisellemu.fr

via: mademoisellemu.fr

15.  Best optical illusion

via: pearlsofprofundity.files.wordpress.com

via: pearlsofprofundity.files.wordpress.com

16. Scary Barbie?

via: imgur.com

via: imgur.com

17. The clown we all were afraid of as children

via: kikimakeup.tumblr.com

via: kikimakeup.tumblr.com

18. Skeleton

via: ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com

via: ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com

19. Dead girl resurrected

via: renspooky.tumblr.com

via: renspooky.tumblr.com

20. Terrifying notebook mask

via: imgur.com

via: imgur.com

21. Sexy eyed

via: midnightinparis.tumblr.com

via: midnightinparis.tumblr.com

22. Lollipop mask

via: weheartit.com

via: weheartit.com

23. A half-female Hulk

via: halloweeninspirationideas.com

via: halloweeninspirationideas.com

24. Ventriloquist

via: theannelicious.com

via: theannelicious.com

25. Some alien without a mouth

via: grunge-gore.tumblr.com

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