24 Badass Parents Who Are Mastering Texting Way Better Than Their Kids

We use to think that parents are outsmarted by their children in things that involve technology and smartphones, like in texting perhaps. We assume they’ll never keep up with internet slang, memes, GIFs, and other web trends, but what we are about to show will totally change your mind. Here are some snapshots of conversations parents had with their kids, and the way they jazz up their replies with hip language is bomb to put their kids to shame. These moms and dads are totally winning at the texting game with their timeless wit and sense of humor. Scroll through the following conversations, and witness how kids have to admit defeat as their parents triumph with their badass replies. (h/t)

1. You just got burned!

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-09 via: tumblr.com

2.This supportive dad.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-05 via: tumblr.com

3. Show them who’s your daddy!

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-04 via: tumblr.com

4.This mom who’s big on independence.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01-2 via: tumblr.com

5.This prankster mom.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-03 via: tumblr.com

6.This mom who’s definitely hip.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-08 via: tumblr.com

7. This witty dad.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-10 via: tumblr.com

8. This mom knows her memes.


9. This rapper mom.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-02 via: tumblr.com

10. This undeniably cool mom.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01 via: tumblr.com

11. This dad who watched too many mystery movies.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-07 via: tumblr.com

12. This mom who’s into soccer.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-06 via: tumblr.com

13. This dad who take things quite literally.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-12 via: tumblr.com

14. This dad is the boss at surprises.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-19 via: tumblr.com

15. This mom who’s winning at her pun game.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-14 via: tumblr.com

16. This dad who cooks at 1:15am.


17. This mom is the queen of advice.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-11 via: tumblr.com

18. This dad who knew parties well.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01-5 via: tumblr.com

19. This dad who’s only gonna do it if you tell mom.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01-7 via: tumblr.com

20. This mom who greets you in your face.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-18 via: tumblr.com

21. This mom whose speech is totally winning.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-15 via: tumblr.com

22. This kinda protective dad.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01-4 via: tumblr.com

23. This mom knows she’s not the place for lost and found.

24-badass-parents-who-are-mastering-texting-way-better-than-their-kids-01-3 via: tumblr.com

24. This dad who tried his best.


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