24 Adorable Pets Proving That Imperfection Is Actually Perfect

Despite the very harsh world that we live in, it is heartwarming to find people who choose to look beyond the imperfections. People who choose to see the beauty of a heart or the strength of a soul, instead of focusing on unattractive physical attributes that are just the surface. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these pets prove that every imperfection is actually perfect if you look it from the right perspective. There’s for example Venus the chimera cat, in the first photo of the list, whose two sided face is actually beautiful and unique to see, and there are pets like the one at number 4, who, despite being born without his front legs, has been a fighter and an extremely  outgoing furball from day one. The pets you will see in this post are happily and comfortably living with their qualities and defects, and we should learn from them their joie de vivre and the way animals just accept each other.

1. Two sides of perfection.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-25 instagram.com

2. Just look at those orbs of perfection.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-09 reddit.com

3. This rescue cat turned her crooked jaw into a beautiful smile.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-08 imgur.com

4. This guy was born without front legs and has been a fighter since day one. He is extremely outgoing and a true inspiration.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-13 imgur.com

5. Bet we all look like this when we think of food.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-20 reddit.com

6. Who’s gonna notice an imperfect tongue when you’re looking at this happy face anyway?

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-19 reddit.com

7. One look of silent understanding from this baby will make you bawl your eyes out.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-18 reddit.com

8. ExCATly the face you make when you’re caught redhanded.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-24 instagram.com

9. I told you it wasn’t me. Not me!

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-23 instagram.com

10. Please don’t tell me I’m not allowed to be sad.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-22 instagram.com

11. Let’s play a game of who uncrosses their eyes first.

24-adorable-pets-proving-that-imperfection-is-perfect-21 reddit.com

12. Look into my eyes…


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