19 Gorgeous Senior Cats That Are Kittens Inside And Still Going Strong

When you adopt a pet, you get a friend for life, and this statement is particularly true for cats. Our furry feline friends are among the longest-living pets, and luckily for cat owners it’s not too rare to see them passing the 20-year mark. Sure, it’s not always easy to see them getting older day after day, sometimes getting weak and sick, while still being kittens inside.

1. 20 years old and still gorgeous

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-12 reddit.com

2. This is 13 y/o Niener. After a difficult December, she has made a full recovery, and is back to her sweet self. She will sit like a doofus for many years to come.

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-13 reddit.com

3. 17 years old and still a chick magnet

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-15 reddit.com

4. My boyfriend’s cat, Homer, is a very handsome 20-year-old.

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-18 reddit.com

5. Here’s Dusty, nearly 17 years old.

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-1 reddit.com

6. This is Zuli. She’s 20 years old and I just adopted her Friday

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-2 reddit.com

7. 17 years old and still so majestic

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-7 reddit.com

8. Sunny, a 17-year-old cat who fought a 60 pound dog this summer

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-4 reddit.com

9. 16-year-old baby boy

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-3 reddit.com

10. Hooray, 17 years old


11. Akira, 14 years old

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01 reddit.com

12. 18 years old

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-11 reddit.com

13. 22 years old

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-10 reddit.com

14. She’s 19 and dribbles when she’s happy

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-8 reddit.com

15. 15 years and he has never failed to purr when I call him.

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-16 reddit.com

16. My 24 years old little princess

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-9 reddit.com

17. 14 years old and handsome as ever

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-17 reddit.com

18. My beautiful 18 year-old girl Mia with the Eyes of Sauron.

19-adorable-senior-cats-that-are-still-kittens-inside-01-14 reddit.com

19. My 14 year old cat will meow at my husband until he holds her.


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