15+ Hilarious Animals Who’d Do Anything For Your Food

There’s only one thing dogs and cats love more than their humans… Their food. And that’s clearly visible in the gallery below, compiled by Just Something, where our beloved pets show of an hilarious series of facial expressions to convince their human friends to give them some of their delicious food. We know the pet owners among our readers will find these photos quite familiar, so share this post with other fellow animal lovers.

1. One eye on the food, one eye on the people guarding it

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-01-1 reddit.com

2. A whole piece of cake? Really? Serious?

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-02 reddit.com

3. No title can do this justice

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-16 reddit.com

4. Excuse me, I have not fully inspected this foods. Please move aside and allow full inspection of foods.

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-10 reddit.com

5. It feels weird eating and not having my dog stare at me. This felt better.

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-42 reddit.com

6. Look at me!

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-34 reddit.com

7. If I squeeze a little bit…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-33 reddit.com

8. Yeees… Spaghetti!


9. He’s not even subtle

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-04 reddit.com

10. The look of betrayal

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-03 reddit.com

11. Will I ever get to taste such greatness

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-01 reddit.com

12. Had to buy these plates when I saw them…they looked familiar…(he’s begging for the last bite of cake btw)

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-13 reddit.com

13. The best idea

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-12 reddit.com

14. Cooking for an audience. It’s like I have my own cooking show.

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-07 reddit.com

15. He can look at both sides of the pizza at the same time

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-11 reddit.com

16. Just a little bit longer…


17. I can haz…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-35 reddit.com

18. The hamburglar

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-38 reddit.com

19. Is that a cake? I like cake…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-27 reddit.com

20. This is where I belong…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-30 reddit.com

21. Hypnotic salmon

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-24 reddit.com

22. Can I have some?

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-23 reddit.com

23. That’s an alcoholic one…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-22 reddit.com

24. Maybe if he notices me…

15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-20 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-25 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-26 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-32 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-37 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-40 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-41 reddit.com


15-hilarious-animals-who-d-do-anything-for-your-food-36 reddit.com



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